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Search Engine Marketing often known as adwords or pay-per-click is a widely known method of driving traffic to your website quickly and efficiently for your designated keywords. But how does it work to show you immediate paid advertising results?

Mentioned in our other article on complementing SEO efforts, we shared that one way to get immediate results for what you are expecting from SEO is to engage in SEM. By utilising keywords you want to rank for quickly or are unable to rank for under your SEO campaign, you are easily able to rank higher on search engines through PPC and get immediate paid advertising results. While most agencies use the term immediate paid advertising results, you have to remember that a campaign can take up to two weeks to put together depending on the complexity of your industry and activities like market research and campaign creation can take time especially if you do not have the existing platforms set up. Therefore, it could possibly take up to a month or two to see results from start to end, on the contrary, SEO activities can take up to six months to see significant results. 


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As mentioned above, another key factor of getting immediate paid advertising results also depend on your creatives. With PPC, Adssential has the ability to help create advertisements and manage your own advertising copies, which is key in pulling traffic and driving conversion for your adword campaign. A bad ad copy might get many impressions because your keyword group but get little clicks and jeopardize your opportunity to get conversions. A good ad copy has the ability to drive high click through rates and ensure that you drive the right point across to potentially increase your conversion rate as well. If your campaign is not driving in traffic or you are unsure of your campaign setup, contact our Google-certified consultants today and we will help you get your campaign on the right track.


Another way to get immediate paid advertising results is through Google network advertising. Businesses that choose this form of google adverts generally are aiming to drive brand recognition or brand retention for fast moving consumer goods products. Through the creation of visual ads, these adverts approach marketing goals with a numbers strategy where it pushes for a significant increase in impressions and views to your landing page via google advertising partners. Some businesses use them as a testing ground for conversion with the use of AB page testing where you randomly toggle between two landing pages to see which performs better. This method could drive to you significant traffic very quickly and can in certain situations actually cost you less than “traditional” paid advertising methods like PPC. However, it does require a large amount of visual creatives to change around, hence, still a huge undertaking if you choose to engage in it.


website audience segmentation


All in all, while getting immediate paid advertising results are very tempting to throw your investments into, it is important to remember your marketing goals, target market and to balance it with your budget amongst your other digital marketing activities. If you are keen to find out how SEM can fit in your existing digital marketing strategy, contact us here today and speak with our expert consultants!

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